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Reading Buddies

Reading Buddies is a collaborative program between Ward Elementary School and HHUMC that promotes literacy of high-risk children between the ages of kindergarten and second grade.  Reading literacy is an important component of early academe because it empowers advanced learning skills—such as teaching oneself which are the stepping stones to high academic achievements and the attainments of ultimate potentials, both of which strengthen current and future generations.  Most importantly, reading literacy enables children to pick up and read a copy of the Bible wherever they may find it. One HHUMC member found and started reading her first Bible while waiting at the dentist’s office.  All HHUMC members should be aware that the United Methodist Church Book of Resolutions emphasizes the importance of supporting public education outreach programs, particularly the ones that benefit immigrant, minority, and low-income populations all of which are at higher risk for not achieving ultimate potentials.  Currently the HHUMC has 10 Reading Buddy volunteers and there is the need for more! 

Generally, volunteers assist one-to three children for about two to four times a month for 20-minute periods.  Evidence-based activities are provided by the Reading Specialist but it is always fine for the Reading Buddy to read stories to or with the children.  Age-appropriate books are available in the school library for temporary check out.  Other literacy promoting strategies include but are not limited to alphabet and sight word recognition, word rhyming, word family chunking, and reading comprehension.   If this mission is calling you to participate, then please contact Carol Sutherland, Lorena Paul or  directly for more information!